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PT. Roepa Agro Indonesia have partnership with local farmer to supply copra with different Grade




Copra is the dried meat of a coconut typically split into two halves. Indonesia is the largest coconut grower in the world and continually harvested throughout the year. Copra is used for coconut oil extraction and the residue following extraction is used as animal feed.

We choose high quality, fully mature nuts for our copra and carry out both sun and oven drying until moisture content is below 7% minimal. Our dedicated copra production staff are expert in their field and we continue to grow our production capabilities through innovative and continuous improvement.


Production Process


Coconuts that have been picked must be immediately transported to the processing.


the coconut is split into two symmetrical parts to release the water. After the water drips, the coconut that has been split must be dried immediately so that the copra results are good.


Copra must have a moisture content around 6-7%, if it is more than this number the copra will be easily damaged and moldy, resulting in low quality.

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Our Copra

There are so many copra supplier in indonesia, why should you choose
Coconatee Indonesia ?


Pick only mature coconut fruits for make quality copra

Free Chemical

drying copra with solar energy during daylight and renewable energy from smokeless biomass burning all night long.

No Fungus

we will make sure our copra is free from fungus or insect

Variative Grade

we have variative grade from Edible, White, Black Copra

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