High Quality Coconut Charcoal

PT. Roepa Agro Indonesia is the best manufacturer of premium coconut briquette charcoal for Hookah & BBQ




Our Hookah charcoal is made of all-natural materials with coconut shell charcoal and small portion of natural starch as coconut charcoal binder.

We make sure the coconut charcoal material have
maximum moisture content 12% and gray to white ash color. mixing all the ingredient, and cut the coconut charcoal after mixing (shape depend on customer order). we do heating until 48 hours to make premium hookah charcoal. Visit our workshop / get a free sample now!


BBQ Charcoal made from sawdust or coconut charcoal residue. Our effective time of charcoal briquette burning is 150 minutes. Temperature of Charcoal heats at minimum 400 ºC. Combined with natural binders and filler (including coal dust) and manually compressed into their characteristic pillow shapes or hexagonal shapes



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Our Charcoal

There are many coconut charcoal manufacturers, why should you choose
Coconatee Indonesia ?


Our coconut charcoal is strong doesn’t crack easily, low ash content, natural odour, with high heat and long burning duration, without smoke or spark.

100% Coconut Charcoal

To create our briquettes, we exclusively use coconut shell charcoal eco-friendly binder like tapioca starch, and is completely chemical free.

ECO Friendly

Coconut briquette is wasting product from coconut and environmentally friendly because there no trees were cut during process.

Private Label

We can deliver in full printing packaging standard with Inner Plastic, Inner Box and Master Box.

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