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PT. Roepa Agro Group


Coconatee is started as a wholesale coconut suppliers in Indonesia. We can provide various types and specifications of coconut product based on your needs, repack and give your private label.

We are here to maximize agricultural products that can be used to supply coconut products around the world. Our dream is that we can become the largest coconut products supplier in the world. Going through the process of development and research, now we are able to expand our product range from Copra, Desiccated Coconut, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Oil (CCNO,RBD, VCO) and expand to wasting product from coconut like Charcoal Briquette, Coco Fibe, Coco Peat, and Copra Meal.

Right now we are supported by around 13 partners factory, and more than 2000 farmers around Indonesia. Moreover, we use the best technology to supply the fresh and international quality of products. We have a long-term ambition that in the future we can expand other varieties of agriculture products, Our quality production and quality control is safe and hygienic. Our teams have worked tirelessly to deliver the best quality products expected by our customers and our company does our best to meet our workers and customer’s satisfaction.


We are fully committed to our customer, starting from providing clear information about every product that we produce to ensuring our product delivered as desired. Quality and Service to our customer is our priority.


Strengthen the domination of exporting coconut product from indonesia throughout the world as well maintaining sustainable business activities.


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Social Responsibility

“We believe CSR can help to build communities both on a local and international”

We allocate our funds to protect the environment so that the earth can remain green. Besides that, we also try to help the people around our business, so that they can achieve their dreams.

Our company is engaged in agriculture. it means our company relies on natural produce. Therefore, we are very excited when we talk about environmental reforestation.

We must contribute to our environment, because it is also our responsibility. Especially reforestation in our business area. We are aware that what we get needs to be returned to the surrounding community.

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PT. Roepa Agro Group

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